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A Tribute to Mickey


We would like to tell you the story of Mickey.  Approximately eight months ago, Mickey's former family decided that at the age of 14, they no longer wanted him.  So, they placed an ad on Craigs List advertising for someone to provide him with a home.  Hollie, AMMF's founder, answered that ad and a few days later she met Mickey, a mini dashsund, on a very busy street in Wilmington, DE, where he was handed over to her with only his birthday suit on.  No collar, leash, documentation, bed, toys..... nothing.  Well, we soon found out who Mickey was and the joy he gave to everyone that met him.  Shortly after arriving at Hollie's home, one of AMMF's former adopters, Betty, met Mickey, fell head over heals for the little man and asked to foster Mickey. Mickey was happy and being doted on at Betty's home. He loved to be held.  Mickey had some minor health issues that commonly occur when one becomes older, but nothing that were life threatening or burdensome.  Mickey lived with Betty for a while and then went back to Hollie's home.  He adapted very easily to whereever he lived and was such an easy going little guy.  Mickey got along very well with other dogs, cats and kids.  A few months ago, Mickey started to show more signs of his age, including, becoming a very fussy eater and as weird as it sounds, he took a liking to eating fruit loops cereal.  Our vet said it was ok since he felt that if Mickey lived this long, then the fruit loops were not going to hurt him.  Sometimes he grew tired of the loops and would eat lasagna, tortilini, and canned doggy food.  A couple of weeks ago, Mickey started to have seizures and then last week he suffered a stroke which badly injured his back legs.  Today, our beloved Mickey left this place we call Earth.  Mickey gave his all and expected nothing in return.  He was happy all of the time.  We are very saddened at the loss of Mickey but comforted in having known his wonderful sweetness and blessed to have had him for the time that he was with us. 

"He was a little guy with a heart of gold he loved to be loved. He was cute lovable and funny but also had that grumpy old man side of him. He taught you to understand what he wanted. He made people smile. He was a fighter. I love that little man RIP Mick a Lick"    ~ Hollie  ~

"He might have been a “little old man” but he still had spunk. He always made me laugh when he played with his stuffed skunk. He would growl and pull at that skunk . All you had to say was say SKUNK! And he would run looking for her and then “beat” her up again. I did not think I could love another dog that much unless it was a pug. Thanks Micky for showing me that it doesn’t matter what the package looks like on the outside , its what is within that counts. Until we meet again ,my little stud muffin. Part of my heart went with you. Wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge."       ~ Betty  ~


URGENT : Foster Homes Desperately Needed!!

All Mutts Matter is in dire need of foster families.  Please be a life saver and consider fostering a dog in need.  Foster homes provide second chances to homeless dogs.  Fostering means welcoming either a senior, adult, or a puppy, into your home for a short period of time and providing them with love, care and learning to be a well-rounded family member until a carefully screened, permanent home is found.  All Mutts Matter will provide you with supplies needed for the dog while in your care (ie. crate, medicine, vetting, food, etc.).  Fostering a dog is a wonderful experience of nuturing a dog and helping him/her prepare for him/her new furever home.

Shelters are inundated with dogs, many whose owners are facing financial hardship, including losing their homes and can no longer afford to keep their  companion pets. When we pull and save a dog from a shelter, we are opening up a space in that shelter for another homeless dog in need. The more foster volunteers we have, together, the more dogs we can save. When you foster a dog, you save two lives. The dog you are fostering and the dog you made room for at the shelter or rescue. Please contact us at if you are located in Delaware,  Pennsylvania, Maryland, or New Jersey and would like to foster with us and help save the life of a dog and/or fill out a foster application located under the foster tab on the left. Together, we can save precious lives of dogs.

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