Beagle / Mixed (short coat)
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Animal Success Stories
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Heidi came to AMMF from Kentucky where her and her brother Badger had been living a barn. Her new mom Pam had this to say, "Thank you for letting this sweet girl Heidi, join our family!"


Mallory, now Mia's new mom says, "Thank you so much for Mia! We love her so much and couldn't ask for a better dog!"


Alexis now Cricket's(on the right) new mom Kelly says, "Can't even begin to express how much joy and happiness this little love bug has brought into our lives. Thank you so much to all the volunteers saving and fostering these dogs until they find forever homes."


Buddy boy was here such a short time. He was a fun loving boy. He was on the website less then 24 hours when his mom and dad put an application in on him. When we took him to his new home it was as if they had know each other for a long time. There was an instant bond. Buddy goes with his dad in the truck  and loves being the number one dog. We were very lucky here at AMMF to have the pleasure of helping Buddy find his forever home


Beau was adopted and now lives off the water with his mom and dad. Beau has a really important job at his house. He goes with his mom to visit people and cheer them up. He goes to church and he is  a very special dog to his mom and to others. He is such a good laid back dog that he really fits his new job.

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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