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Become An All Mutts Matter Foster Family

The foundation of AMMF's operation is in our foster homes, where rescued dogs get love and comfort while waiting for adoption. Shelters often have very short time spans--sometimes as little as a few days--before an unadopted dog is schedule for euthanasia. AMMF's goal is to rescue these dogs from that fate, as well as to be able to help with owner surrenders. The more fosters homes we have, the more dogs we can save. 

How It Works

Fostering provides a temporary home for a rescued dog until a permanent "forever" home can be found. It also provides time for a dog to adjust or re-adjust to living in a home, and to learn socialization and good manners. For some dog, the foster home also provide time to recover from an illness or medical procedure before he or she can be made available for adoption.

What A Foster Family Does

As a foster family, you will be responsible for the basic daily care for your home in other words, your job is to shower him/her with the love and attention he/she needs to prepare them for adoption into a permanent home. We will pick up the cost of any medical expenses, food and supplies. You will be asked to bring your foster dog to adoption events, possibly medical appointments, and in some cases to people interested in adopting them. We do not often ask for our foster families to take their foster dog to meet interested adopters or medical appointments unless it is agreeable with them.


How Long Will Your Foster Be In Your Care?

The amount of time a dog is in a foster home can vary.  Some dogs get adopted within a few days while others may take longer.  Some of the dogs that AMMF takes in have special needs such as being older, blind or deaf.  These dogs may need to remain in a foster home for a much longer period of time until that special forever home can be found.  We will be able to give you a better idea of how long a foster will be in your care once we place a dog with your family.

Interested In Becoming Part Of Our Team

Being a foster parent is also rewarding for the humans. You help save lives. You also get to feel the love and joy of caring for a rescue dog. Dogs are amazing and resilient creatures who even after being abused and abandoned, are willing to trust and love us.

If you have any questions about becoming a foster parent, please contact us at Allmuttsmatter or to become a foster family please fill out a foster form here:/forms/form?formid=2555