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Spark Day 2020: Cultivate The Beauty!!!



Spark Day  Keep The Spark Alive Fundraiser
Celebrate With Us the Spark of Life…May 16th will be the 11th annual Spark Day and it is in honor of a little old Beagle mix named Sparky who was found as a stray by a citizen who called the Wetzel County Animal Shelter in rural West Virginia to beg for help for him because he collapsed in the heat.  The Shelter Director came to the rescue. Not thinking he would survive, she took him back with her, tended to him, and gave him some medicine. The next day he was still alive and improving. She named him Sparky because he showed the "spark of life." And that is where the seed of Spark Day was sown.  

Sparky gained strength every day with the loving care of the volunteers at the shelter.  Once up on their web-page, Sparky drew attention, but no home yet. He became a little mascot for the shelter and gathered a following of concerned people. When finally adopted, he came with a following and spawned a periodic mailing of updates about his life.  Although Sparky was neglected his entire life and not shown much love nor well-cared for, he didn’t dwell on the past and embraced his new life.  Boy O Boy did he have a super loving life upon arriving in New York.  He ate homemade yummy food, had a gigantic and fun yard to roam, sniff and bask in the sun in, several doggie friends and his new Mom to hang out and snuggle with.  On the anniversary of his rescue, we all celebrated Sparky's RE-Birthday, the day (as Charles Dickens might put it) he was "recalled to life." The anticipation of his one year adoption anniversary was full of excitement - alas, it was not to be; little old Sparky, about 13 years old, had lived a hard life of neglect and it finally took its toll.
It was a sad time for all who had loved the little dog. But as Spring approached and the world renewed, a new Wetzel dog, Quilliam Horace Flint (Horace), inherited the place in Sparky's home and his person decided the adoption anniversary should be celebrated rather than mourned.   Through Horace’s person, he writes poems which are published and the proceeds from the sale of his books go directly to rescues and shelters.  
Sparky was an appreciative dog and the best way to honor him was to celebrate The Spark of Life in its many forms. Sparky Marigold seeds were sent to all the "Sparky People" and a new holiday began! Everyone did life-affirming things such as planting seeds to help pollinators, bringing food donations to a food pantry, picking up litter they see in a park, etc. because they make the world a better place and more hospitable place for all the sparks to thrive. We also all toasted at an agreed upon time. Last year people in 18 states and 3 countries celebrated! You can find out how to celebrate by visiting AMMF’s website at or Facebook at We hope you join us!
As part of this special day, an awesome fundraiser has been organized to help raise monies for other rescue animals like Sparky.  This year, All Mutts Matter Foundation (AMMF) is the recipient of this Spark Basket and below is a list of the many awesome items in the Spark Basket with pictures to soon follow.  Tickets are for a suggested donation of $2.00 per ticket, Please send your donations to AMMF paypal at  
100% Proceeds Go To Help The Dogs & Puppies With AMMF.  Drawing May 16th.  Thank you so much for your support and best of luck.  Woof Woof!!

2020 Raffle Prize:


Horace Rescued T-Shirt

Horace’s poetry

Sparky/Barney totebag

Spark Day mug

Horace/Henry notecards

Large Owl Citronella Candle

Medium Moroccan Motif Metal Lantern

Women’s Bean Project Dog Treat Gift Box (3 bags of treats, 1 tennis ball)

Women’s Bean Project Firehouse #10 Chili and Cornbread Gift Set

Women’s Bean Project Breakfast Gift Set

Women’s Bean Project Spice Blend Variety Pack

Penzeys spice box

Beautiful Body Care Kit

Fetching Fabric Dog Collar

Recycled Sari Cat Basket

Acacia Wood Small Bowls Set

Spiral Sari Earrings

From The Field Silver Vine Catnip Pellets

Burt's Bees™ Cat Dander Reducing Wipes

Burt's Bees™ Relieving Itch & Hot Spot Spray

Festival Cats & Dogs Kitchen Towels